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The flexible packaging machine equipment is a group of automatic packaging machines that process the film into filled bags, pouches, sticks, sachets, and other flexible package types. The flexible packaging material usually contains a sealable layer that could be heat-sealed to form a sealed package. There are different kinds of flexible packaging equipment in the market with various functions to produce the target type packages. Solution-Pack is one of the leading flexible packaging equipment providers in China and focuses on supplying three types of flexible packaging machines. That is, Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machines, Small Sachet Packaging Machines, and Tea Bag Packing Machines.

Solution-Pack | Intelligent Flexible Packaging Machine Equipment | Automatic Packaging Machine System | Vertical Packaging Machine

The vertical form fill seal packaging machine solution could form the roll film into pillow-type or side gusset bags with the material inside. It could be applied to pack different materials by connecting them with a suitable weighing dosing filling system.

Solution-Pack | Intelligent Flexible Packaging Machine Equipment | Automatic Packaging Machine System | Teabag Packaging Machine

The tea bag packing machine solution adopts an integrated design to produce filter teabags with or without an envelope sachet. Each machine model could produce a fixed teabag size that is normally standard in the international market.

Solution-Pack | Intelligent Flexible Packaging Machine Equipment | Automatic Packaging Machine System | Sachet Packaging Machine

The automatic small sachet packing machine solution is the economically flexible pouch packaging machine equipment for most start-up companies or laboratories. It could pack liquid, powder, and granule products by adopting different machine models.

Flexible Packaging Equipment Characteristics

Protection for Delivery

The key point of developing the flexible automatic packaging machine is to protect the products for delivery. The packaging machine shall wrap and seal the goods with plastic film to protect the product from spilling out, being contaminated by the environment, or breaking by outside physical force. Meanwhile, the flexible packaging machinery could also bundle a group of packages for easier transportation and marketing. And a flexible package could allow the consumer to get each independent unit for storage or distribution in the most convenient way.

Keep Fresh & Easy Storage

Every product has its own needs for freshness and storage. The flexible packaging equipment could better separate the goods from the outside air which could slow down the process of anti-oxidation. And the vertical form fill seal packaging machine could also customize the Nitrogen gas filling function to better extend the shelf time of the goods. What’s more, some flexible package has the features of low-temperature resistance or high-temperature resistance which allow the consumer to keep them in the refrigerator or put them in the microwave oven directly.

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Key Advantages of The Industrial Packaging Machines

Improving Production Efficiency: the flexible packaging equipment could support the user to pack the products at high speed. The tea bag packing machine could run over 100 bags per minute. The sachet packaging machine and the vertical packaging machine could run around 25 ~ 60 bags per minute according to the features of the product. Compared with the traditional way of manual packaging, it allows the user to produce much more products at the same time. It could greatly improve the user’s competitivity in the present fast-moving market and gain more opportunities.

Saving Labor Cost: the traditional packaging style requires a large amount of labor in the production line to realize different kinds of customized functions. The working efficiency is slow and the unqualified products occur often. And some small packages like teabags and small sachets are very hard to use in manual operation. All these issues could be solved by flexible packaging equipment directly. Generally, a tea bag packing machine, a sachet packaging machine, or a vertical packaging machine could conduct the working amount of over 20 ~ 100 laborers in daily work differing on different machine models.

Improving Products Appearance: as we all know that the manual working style is uncontrollable, especially during long working hours. It is not easy for the laborer to keep the focus on the dosing accuracy which leads to unqualified products and qualified products mixing together. Meanwhile, the manual operation could not control the heat sealing width at the same size and location all the time. But the flexible packaging machine could preset all the data on the PLC system directly and only need to operate on the HMI to adjust the data to the user’s requirement. In this way, the user could get uniform, qualified, and neat packages with stable performance.

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