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The automatic drip coffee bag packing machine solutions are a kind of packaging method to pack the coffee products into the coffee bags and wrap them into the foil sachets automatically. Solution-Pack focuses on three models of drip coffee packing machines with different design styles and production capacities to meet various kinds of production needs. Generally, these coffee bag packaging machines could produce both standard drip coffee bags and rectangular-type netting coffee bags with thread and tag. They are widely applied in coffee powder and ground coffee markets to make beautiful and neat bags for a better market.

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  • Solution-Pack offers automatic drip coffee bag packing machine solutions with high configuration. All the electrical and pneumatic parts adopt internationally famous brands like SMC, Omron, Schneider, etc. The control system and the operating interface all use the best brands like Siemens and Fuji. Meanwhile, all the machine models adopt an integrated design style to ensure the machine units are compact for installation and operation. We supply different kinds of machine models with their own typical features and production capacities to meet the requirements of different factories to realize automatic production processes;
  • As one of the drip coffee bag manufacturers in China, and to ensure the drip coffee bag packing machines meet the international market requirements, we offer official CE Certification for all the machine models. The intelligent safety door system with sensors is equipped to ensure safety production. All the material contacting parts use standard SUS304 stainless steel to meet the food production requirements. Meanwhile, we also supply optional devices like Nitrogen Filling Devices, Vacuum Elevator Systems, Z Type Elevator Systems, Thermal Printer Systems, Checker Weigher Systems, etc. for the users to select from directly to facilitate the production.
  • Solution-Pack has focused on drip coffee packing machine solutions for over 12 years. We are one of the leading suppliers of coffee bag packaging machines in China. We aim to provide the client with a one-station service to facilitate the clients in building up the tea production and packaging lines. With the pace of life growing faster and faster, more young people tend to use drip coffee bags rather than the traditional way of brewing coffee. And the requirements for the coffee bag packing machine with an outer envelope sachet have increased a lot in recent years. Whether you are just a start-up in this market or looking for a solution to improve your production capacity, we will work our best to support your project;
  • We also supply sample material testing services for the client who is a start-up on the coffee packaging project. Each client could deliver around 2KG sample coffee materials to us. The products must be vacuum-packed before delivery. Then we shall arrange the machine to test the material and propose the most suitable inner and outer coffee bag size for the client. In this way, it could better ensure the client gets the most accurate packaging data for their products. If the user feels confused about choosing the packaging materials, Solution-Pack could also supply the client with customized packaging materials like PLA Netting Film with thread and tag and Non-Woven Fabric Drip Coffee Bag Film. We could also support clients in counting out the estimated amount of packaging materials that they should use in one-year production when all the bag sizes are confirmed ready.

FAQ About Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

How do you make a drip coffee pack?

The small production shop could use the pre-made coffee bag to pack manually. And if you need to produce in large amounts with stable production capacity and an outer envelope sachet function. Welcome to choose the drip coffee bag packaging from solution-pack to support your business.

What is a coffee drip pouch?

Drip coffee bags are small pouches of ground coffee that feature folded paper handles that can be opened and suspended over a cup. For specialty coffee roasters, coffee bags offer an effective way of marketing their brand and reaching new corners of the market. Drinkers simply have to open the pouch, remove the filter, and tear off the top. Then, they must shake it to level the coffee inside. Each handle is placed over the sides of a cup, and hot water is slowly poured over the grounds, allowing it to drip into the vessel below.

How much coffee do you put in a drip bag?

Our drip coffee bag packaging machine normally fills the bags with 10 – 12g of fresh medium ground coffee (approximately 2 – 3 tablespoons, to serve about ⅓ – ½ of the bag). We don’t recommend filling more than that as the grounds may spill out of the bag when you pour the water in. When opening a drip coffee bag, give it a little wiggle wiggle wiggle and level the grounds, to allow for a more even extraction. Then, open the “ears” of the filter and hang it on the cup.