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The automatic pyramid teabag packing machine solution is a method for packing tea products into pyramid tea bags. Then the pyramid tea bags could be re-packed into the foil sachet according to the exact production requirements. This teabag packing machine is mostly applied for packing tea leaves, mixed tea leaves, flower tea, herbal tea, health tea, fruit tea, etc. The user could adopt PLA netting film, Nylon Netting Film, or Non-Woven Fabric film for packaging since the machine unit uses advanced ultrasonic sealing technology. Meanwhile, all the machine models could form both triangular-type and rectangular-type teabags with an easy exchange button on the HMI.

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  • The pyramid teabag packaging machine adopts the ultrasonic sealing pattern to produce rectangular or triangular teabag. Connecting with the linear weighing filling system or the tunnel type dosing filling system, it could support the users to produce the single tea product, mixed tea product, or formula tea product according to the production requirement. The pure inner teabag machine could produce max. 60 teabags per minute and the premium machine model could perform max. 50 sachets per minute to support the users in improving production efficiency effectively;
  • All the tea leaf packing machines adopt SS304 food-level stainless steel for the frame and material contacting part to meet the food production requirements. The electrical and mechanical parts use internationally famous brands to facilitate users sourcing spare parts from the local market easily. We also supply customized solution designs according to the user’s workshop space to ensure the machine unit fits perfectly.
Pyramid Teabag Packaging Machine Proposal Sizes
  • Solution-Pack has been focusing on teabag machine solutions for over 12 years. We are one of the leading suppliers of teabag packing machines in China. We aim to provide the client with a one-station service to facilitate the clients in building up the tea production and packaging lines. With the pace of life growing faster and faster, more young people tend to use pyramid teabag rather than the traditional way of brewing tea leaves. And the requirements for the pyramid teabag packing machine have increased a lot in recent years. No matter if you are just a start-up in this market or looking for a solution to improve your production capacity, we will work our best to support your project;
  • We also supply sample material testing services for the client who is a start-up on the tea bag machine project. Each client could deliver around 2KG sample tea materials to us. The products must be vacuum-packed before delivery. Then we shall arrange the machine to test the material and propose the most suitable inner and outer tea bag size for the client. In this way, it could better ensure the client gets the most accurate packaging data for their products;
  • If the user feels confused about choosing the packaging materials, Solution-Pack could also supply the client with customized packaging materials like PLA Netting Film, Nylon Netting Film, and Non-Woven Fabric Film with or without tags. We could also support clients in counting out the estimated amount of packaging materials that they should use in one-year production when all the tea bag sizes are confirmed ready.


What is the pyramid tea bag packing machine price?

Solution-Pack has a full series of pyramid tea bag packing machines for sale. Different machine models perform various functions according to the client’s specific requirements. And there are customized functions for the client to choose from. To some extent, it belongs to customized machine models and we warmly welcome you to send an email to us to communicate about the exact needs.

What is the best pyramid tea bag packing machine?

We can not say which machine is the best when we talk about packing machines. We focus on the user’s requirements and propose the most applicable solutions to meet the production needs and the project budget. Whether you are at the startup stage or need a machine to improve production capacity, you will be sure to find your solution here.

Where is the pyramid tea bag packing machine manual instruction?

Solution-Pack shall provide a detailed manual instruction book with electrical drawings for the purchaser before the machine is shipped out from the China seaport. Meanwhile, the product catalog could also be downloaded on this page directly for study. It contains all the technical data which you may be interested in.