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Solution-Pack provides a series of filter teabag packing machine solutions. These tea bag filling and sealing machine solutions work for forming different types of teabags with different production capacities to meet the market requirements. They could make the round teabag, naked filter teabag, filter teabag with thread & tag, paper enveloped filter teabag, foil enveloped filter teabag, and double chamber teabag (Staple Type). The machine models shall be different when you need to produce different capacities. These solutions are all suitable for 20 ~ 60 mesh granules or broken tea leaf products.


With the present pace of life growing faster and faster, the traditional ways of brewing tea gradually faded out from normal daily life. Instead, people are more tending to choose filter paper teabag which is much more convenient and simple to brew. It is widely used in offices, homes, hotels, and businesses. Meanwhile, most of the traditional tea factories changed their strategy from traditional tea leaf to the filter teabag packaging market. Thus, getting a suitable filter teabag packaging machine solution for production becomes important.

Solution-Pack has been focused on tea bag packaging machine solutions for over 12 years. All of our machine models have been running with a stable performance at the user’s factory for a long time. All of the machine frames adopt strong strength carbon steel to ensure the best state for the mechanical design and the material contact parts use food-level stainless steel to meet the food production needs. For the premium machine models, Panasonic PLC and Samkoon HMI systems are applied to ensure better performance.

Solution-Pack | Filter Teabag Packing Machine Solution | High-Speed Teabag Packaging Machine
Solution-Pack | Filter Teabag Packing Machine Solution | High-Speed Teabag Packaging Machine

How to Choose The Suitable Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine?

There are different kinds of teabag packing machines in the market, including manual tea bag packing machines. Getting the most suitable automatic tea bag packing machine solution for production may be a big issue for many factories. Solution-Pack shall support you to make the correct choice. We shall analyze three points to help you to know better about the filter teabag machines and select the one.

Point one: tea product features. The automatic filter machine requires that the tea product be ground into 20 ~ 60 mesh sizes with good flowing features or blended tea of small granules. The majority of the teabag machines adopt the cup dosing filling system which could ensure high-speed running performance. If you need to pack pieces of tea leaves or raw tea leaf materials, the machine shall not be suitable for your production. Instead, you should choose the pyramid teabag packing machines.

Point two: teabag styles. The teabag style is very important for you to make the correct decision. If you need to produce the single chamber teabag with thread & tag, you could choose the ATB-S1, ATB-S120, or ATB-S150 machine models. If you need to produce enveloped filter teabags, you could choose the ATB-S110N, ATB-S130N, ATB-C6, or ATB-C10 machine models. If you need to produce the double chamber filter teabag, the DC-120 machine model is a good choice.

Point three: production capacities. Different factories may require different production capacities. If you are a start-up factory, choosing the ATB-S1, ATB-S120 or ATB-S110N machine model shall be enough. If you need to improve your production capacity, the ATB-S150, ATB-S130N, ATB-C6, ATB-C10 or DC-120 machine models shall be the great solution. All in all, which one is more suitable depends on your production requirements. If you are still confused, we would warmly welcome you to consult with us to propose the most suitable solution for your production. We shall propose the tea bag packing machine price for large production as well as the small tea bag packing machine for small businesses.


What is the best packaging for a tea bag?

There is no definite answer to this question because it all depends on each client’s specific requirements. Some people prefer filter paper teabag style while some others prefer pyramid teabag style. If you need to start the tea bag packaging project, it will be much better for you to do market research first and check what your market needs before installing the packaging machines.

What machine is used to make tea bags?

Welcome to the Solution-Pack website to check all machine models regarding the packaging machine for making tea bags. All the machine models are classified according to the tea bag type that you need to produce and the production capacity that you need to perform. Even you could source by the tea bag shape features.

What is the principle of the tea sachet packing machine?

The tea sachet packing machine adopts a mechanic and pneumatic design with electrical control to realize all the action. The latest machine models all adopt PLC control with Touch Screen for operation easily. We improve the machine features according to the users’ feedback and create value for the clients.

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Solution-Pack | Filter Teabag Packing Machine Solution | High-Speed Teabag Packaging Machine

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