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The VSP520C model automatic vertical packaging machine with volumetric cup doser is designed by Solution-Pack to pack uniform granule products into a pillow or gusset bag. The automatic volumetric cup doser is customized according to the client’s packaging weight with a slight adjustment range of 20%. The bag shape could be adjusted by changing the bag-forming collar which is also customized to the client’s bag size. This vertical form fill and seal machine model is widely applied in packaging rice, refined salt, refined sugar, beans, nuts, ground coffee, etc products with a stable production capacity.

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Technical Data Application

• Machine Model: VSP520C
• Dosing System: Volumetric Cup Doser
• Dosing Range: 50 ~ 1000g
• Bag Shape: Pillow Bag or Gusset Bag
• Packing Speed: 30 ~ 50 Bags per Minute
• Max. Roll Film Width: 520mm
• Bag Width Range: 100 ~ 250 mm
• Bag Length Range: 120 ~ 350 mm
• Packaging Film Material: Laminated Film or LLDPE Film
• Power Supply: AC380V 3Phase 50Hz, around 5Kw
• Air Supply: 0.6~0.8Mpa, around 300Liters/Minute
• Main Machine Size: 1750 x 1500 x 2950 mm (for reference)

VSP520C Vertical Packaging Machine Features

Intelligent Design

The entire vertical form fill seal packaging machine adopts a compact structure design for more stable working. It is more optimized for convenient operation. The whole machine frame and the material contact parts use the food level stainless steel to meet food production sanitary requirements. The surface of the steel is fully polished to ensure the best appearance and cleaning convenience. The safety door system uses a transparent Lexan board which allows the user to check the mechanical movements inside the machine easily.

Advanced Configuration

As one of the professional vertical form fill seal machine manufacturers, Solution-Pack offers high-standard configuration for the users with a pleasant user experience. We adopt Siemens PLC control with 7 inches colorful HMI interface for convenient operation. The other related pneumatic and electrical parts also adopt AirTac, SMC, Schneider, or equal brands to facilitate the user to source the spare parts easily from the local market. And the user could also choose to purchase from us directly.

Customized Features

The standard packaging machine unit does not include the elevator system and products’ take-off conveyor system. Generally, we shall check the features of the client’s product features and then propose the most suitable elevator and conveyor system for them. Different materials and bags have different features, unlike small vertical form fill seal machines, the VSP520C vertical packaging machine solution needs to work with the client together to figure out the best combination.

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What is a vertical packaging machine?

The vertical packing machine is a type of machine that could automatically pull the film, form the bag, seal the bag, and output the target bags that the user wants to produce. By combining different kinds of weighing systems, it could be applied to pack powder, granule, or liquid products. It is also called vertical form fill seal machines.

What’s the vertical form fill seal machine price?

There is no standard machine price for it because the machine unit is generally customized according to the exact production requirements. Solution-Pack has the vertical form fill seal machine for sale, and we shall analyze the project for the client and then propose the most suitable machine model for their reference.

Why cooperate with Solution-Pack?

Solution-Pack is one of the leading vertical form fill seal machine manufacturers from China with a rich experience of over 12 years in integrated packaging solution design and manufacturing. The VSP520C machine model supplied by us could perform both gusset bag packaging and pillow bag packaging by taking around 10 minutes to change the bag forming collar system. And it allows the user to pack uniform granule materials at a stable production speed of 30 ~ 50 bags per minute according to the product’s features and additional functions requirements. You will surely get the most suitable machine solution for your project if you choose to cooperate with Solution-Pack.

How about the after-sale service from Solution-Pack?

We provide two types of after-sale service systems for the client under different conditions. If the user has a professional engineering team, we propose the online instructing installation service. We shall open the WeChat video online when the machine arrived at the client’s factory and then guide the user to install the machine unit and adjust all the parameters. However, if the user is for the first time to install the machine and without any knowledge of packaging machines, we shall arrange for our engineer to travel to the factory plant to make the installation and training work for the user. It depends on the user’s choice to conduct the work.

Request A Quotation

To better support the user on the vertical packing machine project, we normally require the user to provide the below information for project analysis.

1. What kind of material shall be packed?
2. How much weight need to pack per bag?
3. How many bags need to produce per minute?
4. What type of bag shape need to produce?
5. Whether possible to provide the sample bag pictures?
6. Please provide additional required functions.
7. Please provide an official company name, address, and contact number.