When the teabag comes into the market, broken tea leaves quickly become the norm of daily life in the world market. We shall introduce six typical kinds of broken tea leaf teabag packing machines with different kinds of functions and production capacities. Some tea producers crush the tea leaf to around 50 meshes size and then pack it into filter paper teabags. Some tea producers crush the tea leaf into small pieces and then pack it into pyramid teabags. Thus, we shall focus on the filter teabag packing machine and pyramid teabag packing machine here.

Broken Tea Leaf Teabag | Filter Teabag | Pyramid Teabag

Broken Tea Leaf Teabag – Filter Teabag Packing Machine

Broken Tea Leaf Teabag – Pyramid Teabag Packing Machine

How to Choose The Broken Tea Leaf Teabag Packing Machine for Your Project?

The broken tea leaves are mostly the output products during the original loose tea leaves processing procedure. But it has almost the same flavor and taste as the original loose tea leaves. Thus, many tea production factories choose to source out the broken tea leaves and then pack them into the teabags for sale. Compared with the original loose tea leaves, the broken tea leaves are much more economical for the purchasers. Meanwhile, according to the broken size difference, the dust and funning parts shall be packed into the filter paper teabags and the parts of the broken particle shall be packed into the pyramid teabags.

That is to say, whether you should choose the filter teabag packing machine or the pyramid teabag packing machine all depends on the size of your broken tea leaves. After this point is confirmed, we need to check if you need an outer envelope sachet function. Some producers choose to pack the naked teabag into the box directly and then adopt a cellophane over-wrapping machine to wrap the box to keep moisture away so as to extend the shelf time of the products. While some producers prefer to pack the single teabag into an outer sachet directly before packing it into the paper box.

Choose Solution-Pack | Find the Smart & Intelligent Broken Tea Leaf Teabag Packing Solution

Solution-Pack is one of the leading teabag packing machine manufacturers located in the middle part of China. We focus on providing users with the most stable and mature teabag packaging equipment. Our machine solutions are controlled by famous brands of PLC systems like Siemens, Panasonic, etc. The operating HMI adopts the best brands like Samkoon, Siemens, etc. The other electrical and pneumatic parts also adopt internationally famous brands to ensure the best machine running performance.

To ensure the best purchasing experience for the client, Solution-Pack offers a one-stop service for the customers. No matter if you need a sample machine testing service, or if you need us to count the estimated packaging material cost per year, just send us your requirements, and we shall work our best to support you to start the project quickly and smoothly. Meanwhile, we also need the client to work with us to clarify the below information to proceed forward in the correct direction.

Required Information

1. Prepared some clear pictures of the tea products that you need to pack;
2. Provide a clear picture of the final teabag that you want to form. If you need the outer sachet function, please tear the teabag and take pictures of both the inner and outer bag;
3. Offer us clear data of how much weight you need to pack per teabag and how many teabags you need to produce per minute;
4. Offer your official contact name, company name, company address, and official contact number.
We shall work our best to support your project after you send an email to us with the above details ([email protected]). You are warmly welcome to follow our YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook to get the latest news about our tea bag packing machine product.

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