CTC Tea is one kind of black tea with the process of Crushing, Tearing, and Curling. Tea processed with this method is generally called CTC Tea or Mamri Tea. And this kind of tea product is suitable for filter teabags. In this essay, we shall briefly introduce four kinds of CTC Tea Packing Machines with different kinds of functions and production capacities. These teabag packing machines could form filter paper teabags with thread & tag, paper-enveloped filter teabags, foil-enveloped filter teabags, or double chamber filter teabags.

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CTC Tea Filter Teabag Packing Machine

To pack the CTC Tea into the paper filter teabag with or without thread & tag, we propose the ATB-S150 machine model from Solution-Pack. This CTC Tea packing machine is suitable for 20 ~ 60 meshes of crushed tea products and normally packs 1.5 ~ 2.2 grams of tea products with a standard tea bag size (50 x 62.5 mm). It shall perform a stable production capacity of 150 teabags per minute with one operator.

ATB-S150 Premium High Speed Teabag Packing Machine Solution

The whole machine frame adopts the silver-coated carbon steel frame and the material contacting parts adopts food-level stainless steel which meets the requirements of CE and GMP well. The machine is controlled by Panasonic PLC with a Samkoon Touch Screen for easy operation. Various sensor systems are designed on this machine to detect jam teabag, shortage of materials, and lack of film, tag, and thread.

CTC Tea Paper-Enveloped Teabag Packing Machine

If you need to pack paper enveloped filter teabag, we propose the ATB-S130N machine model from Solution-Pack. This teabag packing machine model could pack the CTC Tea into the filter teabag with thread & tag. Then the machine shall wrap it into the paper sachet. The (50 x 62.5 mm) tea bag could generally hold around 2 grams of CTC Tea, and the outer paper film should be one side smooth and the other side rough. The outer bag size shall be 65 x 70 mm which is standard in the market.

This teabag packing machine is also controlled by intelligent PLC with a 7-inch Touch Screen for operation. It only requires one worker to operate the machine and performs a production capacity of 130 teabags per minute. The automatic counting and jump-out system are applied to this machine model to facilitate the user to grasp 10 bags per time to re-pack into the box easily. The client could also choose the vacuum elevator system, heat-seal tag system, stirring system, and safety guard system according to the project requirements.

ATB S130N Automatic Wrapped Teabag Packing Machine Unit Featured Picture

CTC Tea Foil-Enveloped Teabag Packing Machine

When you need to pack the CTC Tea into the filter tea bag and then re-pack it into a foil sachet with a better appearance, we propose the ATB-C6 machine model from Solution-Pack. This teabag packing machine adopts an integrated design style with both the inner bag system and the outer sachet system as a whole unit. The machine produces the standard inner teabag with thread and tag (50 x 62.5 mm) and standard outer foil sachet size (70 x 80 mm).

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The whole machine frame and material contacting parts are all made of food-level stainless steel. The Siemens PLC control system, Weinview Touch Screen display, and Panasonic detecting sensor system are equipped for excellent user experience. The machine unit could perform the production capacity of 105 sachets per minute with one operator. The automatic boxing system could be customized according to the production requirements. The client could also choose to combine 4 sets of teabag packing machines with one boxing system.

CTC Tea Double Chamber Teabag Packing Machine

The double chamber teabag is very popular in the present market. However, the equipment investment is also very high. If you need to pack the CTC Tea into a double chamber teabag, we shall propose the DC-120 machine model from Solution-Pack. This machine model could form the staple-type double chamber teabags with a production capacity of 120 teabags per minute. The standard inner teabag size is 45 x 60 mm (Optional 40 x 60 mm). The outer sachet size could be 70 x 80 mm or 68 x 75 mm.

This staple-type double chamber teabag packing machine is controlled by an intelligent PLC system with a Touch Screen to operate easily. The automatic diagnosis and alarm system is designed for the machine unit so the user can check the issue easily when the machine alarms. The machine could connect with an outer sachet packing machine to realize the foil sachet function. Meanwhile, the automatic boxing system could be customized or most clients could choose a manual boxing system because the machine could count the grouped teabags out directly.

DC 120 Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine Unit Featured Picture
How to choose the CTC Tea Packing Machine for your factory?

Surely there are other machine models that could also pack CTC Tea products. But which machine model you should use depends on your production requirements. Before sourcing a suitable teabag packing machine for your project, do some market research first and confirm which kind of teabag is popular in your market or what your clients want. Then you shall calculate your target production capacity per month or per year before deciding on the right machine model. Meanwhile, you are also welcome to consult with Solution-Pack to get professional proposals for reference.

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