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Originating from China, Jasmin green tea now has become a popular tea drink product all over the world. It is made of green or white tea leaves with jasmine flower petals and buds which could better keep the original taste. It offers all the health benefits associated with green tea. And jasmine green tea is normally packed in pyramid tea bags to keep the integrity of the leaves and flowers. We shall introduce three typical types of pyramid jasmine green tea teabag packaging solutions here to support the factories who are interested to start up pyramid teabag business.

Key Features of Jasmine Green Tea Packing Machine

The ATB-PD35 machine model is a multifunctional tea-packing machine solution. This machine unit adopts a separate design style, the inner tea bag machine and outer tea bag machine are installed separately with a connection bucket conveyor to realize the full production process. The user could also remove the conveyor away to produce the pure inner pyramid tea bag independently. The multi-head linear weighing filling system is applied to facilitate the user to pack single tea products or formula tea products freely by setting the target weight on the HMI directly.

The ATB-PD50 machine model is a typical single inner tea bag packing machine solution. It could support producing both rectangular-type tea bags and triangular-type tea bags. There is a switch button on the HMI where the user could switch the tea bag shape freely according to the production needs. The 6-tunnel quantitative high-speed dosing system is applied to this machine unit to realize fast dosing and packaging. This machine unit could perform a stable running speed of 50 ~ 60 tea bags per minute according to the material features. It is very suitable for start-up factories that have limited budgets and installation space.

The ATB-PD40 machine model is the standard integrated pyramid tea bag packing machine solution for producing foil-wrapped pyramid teabags. The whole machine unit adopts an integrated design style with both the inner bag system and the outer sachet system on one machine unit to save installation space. The machine unit adopts Fuji PLC control and Fuji Touch Screen operation. The Chinese and English double language operation interface is preset in the system for the user to switch easily. The standard machine unit could perform a stable running speed of 30 ~ 35 sachets per minute with a compact installation space requirement.

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Benefits of Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine green tea is one of the perfect drinks to enjoy throughout the day. It has the functions of offering you an energy kick, and relaxation, preventing some cancers, slowing aging, and strengthening your immune system. Meanwhile, jasmine green tea is richer in antioxidants and vitamin C than normal tea products. Except for the typical benefit which brings by green tea, the jasmine flowers themselves also bring some additional benefits to the drink. And because jasmine tea is primarily made with tea leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant, when you sit down to sip a cup of jasmine tea, you get all the benefits that come with green tea along with a few added extras carried by the sweet and fragrant jasmine flower.

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To Get A Quotation

When you need to get a quotation for the jasmine green tea packing machine, please make market research first and then offer the below details.
1.) Does your jasmine tea already mixed together for packaging or if you need the machine to produce formula packaging?
2.) How much weight do you need to pack per pyramid tea bag?
3.) Do you need the outer envelope sachet function?
4.) How many bags do you need to produce per minute?
5.) Have you already sourced the PLA or Nylon netting film? Or if you need us to count the quantity and supply with the machine together?
6.) What’s your official company name, address, and contact number?
You are warmly welcome to send the above details to our official mailbox: [email protected] and we shall offer prompt feedback within 24 hours.

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