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The ancillary equipment is also a key part of the tea or coffee production line. The tea bag packing machine requires the tea products to be processed to a certain mesh size to ensure dosing accuracy and the best filling performance. The crude grinder shall break the raw big leaves or roots into short pieces, this size shall be suitable for pyramid tea bag packaging. When the products need to pack into filter paper tea bags, we need to put the broken leaves into the universal grinding machine to crush them into smaller uniform sizes to meet the machine packaging requirements. After the tea bags are packed into the boxes, we may need to use the cellophane overwrapping machine to cover the boxes with BOPP film to prevent moisture and keep the material taste.

Key Features of Our Ancillary Equipment

Solution-Pack has been focused on the tea bag and drip coffee bag packing machine market for over 12 years with rich experience in ancillary equipment. All the machine models listed here have connected with our major machine hundreds of times with stable performance. The model CP480 cellophane wrapping machine is the most typical type of machine unit applied for tea box cellophane wrapping because it could wrap different sizes of boxes by changing the mold to meet the tea factory production requirements.

The grinding systems are customized according to each client’s production needs. For example, some factories produce cut herbs with pyramid tea bags, and they could choose the normal type crude grinder to cut the big or long herbs into small pieces for packaging. While some factories produce broken tea leaves with filter paper tea bags, and they should use the universal grinding machine to grind the tea leaves into uniform sizes for better dosing and packaging. All the machines are made of foo-level stainless steel to meet the food production sanitary requirements.

To better ensure the packaging machine’s performance, we adopt a high-standard configuration for all the machine models. International famous electrical parts brands like Schneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, etc are adopted and other pneumatic parts like SMC, AirTac, etc are also used on the machine unit. It could effectively extend the lifetime of the machine if the user maintains it well. Meanwhile, most of the spare parts could source easily at the local market to facilitate the user.

Except for the packaging machine service, Solution-Pack also provides full series of packaging materials services for the user. It includes filter paper film, cotton thread, glue seal tag, heat seal tag, nylon netting film, PLA netting film, Non-woven fabric film, drip coffee film, BOPP film, and laminated foil film. The one-stop service could facilitate the user in sourcing the correct packaging materials. Meanwhile, we shall help the user to count the appropriate quantities of packaging materials that they shall use in one year stock or fit in one container with the machine delivering together.

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What is the difference between auxiliary and ancillary equipment?

Ancillary and auxiliary are both associated with the idea of help or support. Both words function as adjectives and nouns. The main difference between ancillary and auxiliary is that ancillary refers to providing something additional to a main part or function whereas auxiliary refers to offering or providing help.

How to know what ancillary equipment should buy?

What types of ancillary equipment you should purchase is depending on what equipment you will connect the equipment with. For example, if you schedule to install a tea bag packaging plant, then you need to consider if you already have the tea leaves grinding machine. And after the tea bags pack into the box, do you need to cellophane wrapping the box to prevent moisture to ensure better shelf time.

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